Welcome Weary Traveler

Welcome to Wolf Song’s Oracle Readings and Journey! You have either stumbled upon my page by accident, or simply out of curiosity. Either way, I bid you welcome. This place is my sanctuary that records my journey as I walk along this winding road called Life. I often will have discussions here, things to think about, and different interesting things to post about. I also post weekly oracle readings on Saturdays to show what the following week may look like during your travels.

You may also find that I offer tarot reading services for those going through life in their own direction. Everyone has brambles or obstacles here that offers a challenge. Some are easy to overcome, others are not. Some you can do by yourself, others you need a little guidance or advice. That is what I am here for. I offer you a different perspective on your challenges you face, any questions you may have, and what you can do to overcome them to obtain clarity and understanding.

If you feel you need such assistance, browse through what I have to offer by hovering over “Tarot Reading Services” with your mouse and click “List of Services” to find what is right for you.

I look forward to traveling with you, wanderer.



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